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Our Terms & Conditions

Hey WhatTheFit4 Gym Folks! 🏋️‍♂️👋

To ensure the harmonious, safe, and profitably whimsical existence of WhatTheFit4 Gym, kindly heed the following enchanting conditions. Every gym enthusiast, wizard of weights, and maestro of muscle must nod in agreement to partake in the fitness sorcery:

To keep WhatTheFit4 Gym's ship sailing smoothly, here are some straightforward rules for everyone to follow:

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📲 WhatsApp Notifications:

You will need to know the inside scoop on the gym's happenings! Please Ask Storm Loots or one of our incredible trainers to add you to our exclusive WhatsApp group. Only the Admins, the gym oracles, speaks on this sacred channel. Reach out at (+27 76 983 8573) for initiation. 📲

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💫 Reactivation Resurrection

Should a gym-goer return from the fitness underworld, a resurrection fee of R300.00 is due, dancing alongside the monthly membership fee. 🧟‍♂️

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💰 Gym Fees Alchemy:

The monthly gym fees must be paid in advance at the commencement of each month, unless otherwise specified in writing and agreed upon with the authorized representative of WhatTheFit4 Gym. 

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📅 Termination/Downgrading Drill:

To part ways or switch things up to a different package, give us a heads-up with a one-month notice, including those on the R180 facility fee

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🚪 Gym Closure facts:

WhatTheFit4 Gym, Storm Loots and the Team closes for three weeks each year. Mainly during Easter and Christmas. Fear not, for your monthly fee dances with the cosmos—when a month extends to five weeks, consider that extra week a gift from the fitness gods. May your understanding be as flexible as your muscles during a stretch. 🌌

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🧘‍♂️ Gym Etiquette 101:

Towel up to keep things clean.
Wipe down after use. Sanitizer and paper towels are right there.
Don't drop weights or abandon cables recklessly. That's a R50 fine, no kidding. 😛💸


Before donning your fitness capes, immerse yourself in the terms above. Should queries cloud your fitness horizon, consult our gym sage, the authorized representative.

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